Western People

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Joan Stevenson (Anthropology), with Eldon R. Mahoney (Sociology, retired), Phillip Walker (University of California, Santa Barbara, deceased) and Phillip Everson (Anthropology), had her article "Technical Note: Prediction of Sex Based on Five Skull Traits Using Decision Analysis (CHAID)" published in "American Journal of Physical Anthropology," Vol. 139, No. 3, pp. 434-441, July 2009.

Rob Bedi (Psychology) served as an expert discussant on an international panel titled “Suicide Risk in Psychotherapy” presented at the annual convention of the Society for Psychotherapy Research on June 25 in Santiago, Chile. Bedi also presented a paper titled “Counselling Psychology in a Canadian Context” at the annual convention of the Canadian Psychological Association on June 11 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Tom Roehl (Management) has been appointed to the editorial review board of the Journal of International Business Studies.