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Professor of English Christopher Wise's translation of Hawad’s book-length poem In the Net was recently published with the African Poetry Series, edited by Kwame Dawes, at the University of Nebraska Press. Hawad is a Tuareg poet and painter of the Sahara, who writes in Tamajaght, which he transcribes with tifinagh, the Tuareg alphabet.

Mark Miyake, an assistant professor in Western's Fairhaven College of Interdisciplinary Studies, has been named to the Federation of State Humanities Council Board of Directors, representing Washington state.

Founded in 1977, the Federation of State Humanities Councils providse leadership, advocacy, and information to help members advance programs that engage millions of citizens across diverse populations in community and civic life.

WWU Professor of English Christopher Wise recently published "Decolonisation or Redemption? The One State Solution: 'Unsilencing Gaza' and 'Liberating Palestine'" in Arena Quarterly, No. 7 (2021).

Western Washington University Assistant Professor of Design Austin Shaw was invited to speak at Camp Mograph 2021, in Portland, Oregon on Sept. 9-12.

Leonard wears a yellow tie with dark blue suit jacket, and poses near the Sehome arboretum

The Association of College and University Housing Officers‐International (ACUHO‐I) is proud to announce that WWU director of University Residences Leonard Jones has been honored with the 2021 Parthenon Award.

WWU Assistant Professor of Management Meg Warren recently published a new article in The Conversation, "Why women need male allies in the workplace – and why fighting everyday sexism enriches men too," at https://theconversation.com/why-women-need-male-allies-in-the-workplace-and-why-fighting-everyday-sexism-enriches-men-too-164384.

Roberta D. Kjesrud of Western Washington University recently published a new book, Learning Enhanced: Studio Practices for Engaged Inclusivity, which presents an equity-based studio approach to coaching student growth in academic literacies, especially research, reading, and writing.