Last week, the Vertically Integrated Partnership (including Sodexo, Annie's Fun, and Hirai Farms) donated 8,000 pounds of potatoes to the Bellingham Food Bank, and more than 50 volunteers -- including Western Washington University students and folks from Sodexo and WWU Dining Services -- were on hand to help unload the tubers.

The Vehicle Research Institute (VRI) team from Western Washington University that just completed a dramatic run all the way to the last days of competition in the finals of the $10 Million Progressive Automotive X-Prize will arrive back in Bellingham this week in time for a celebration event at noon on Thursday, Aug. 5, at the PAC Plaza on the WWU campus.

Kyle Foley, crew chief for the Western Washington University X PRIZE Team from WWU's Vehicle Research Institute, discusses the dynamics between driver and crew chief as the team progresses through the efficiency events at the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition at Michigan International Speedway.

 Jon Bremer, a member of the Western Washington University X PRIZE Team, describes the challenges the team has faced running its electric motor in the heat of Michigan. In this raw video, Bremer discusses the challenges that the team has overcome to ensure success in the finals of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition.

The Western Washington University X PRIZE Team successfully passed the technical inspection at the finals of the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE competition, but not without a few headaches. Inspectors told the WWU students to replace the tires and fix a few wiring issues, but it was nothing the team could not handle, says Brent Wise, student team leader for WWU.

The 2010 Bellingham Festival of Music, featuring renowned musical director Michael Palmer and the internationally acclaimed Bellingham Festival Orchestra, has been taking place on the Western Washington University campus.

The last event of the 2010 festival is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. July 18 in the WWU Concert Hall.

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The Compass 2 Campus Western Washington University Mentorship Initiative is a pilot program implemented by House Bill 1986 which passed both Houses of the legislature on April 21, 2009.

The program is designed to increase access to higher education by providing an opportunity for 5th grade students from traditionally underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds in Whatcom and Skagit counties to be mentored by university students.

This music video from Facilities Management at Western Washington University parodies "The Twilight Zone" television show to disseminate information regarding construction awareness and safety at WWU.

Sarah Ishmael, a student member of Western Washington University's Board of Trustees, speaks at the 9 a.m. commencement ceremony June 12. Ishmael, graduate of Gig Harbor High School, majored in Inclusive Political Advocacy and Higher Education Policy and speaks about how education prepares graduates to make a difference.

The Faculty & Staff Wellness Program at Western Washington University provides water aerobics as a way for WWU faculty and staff to exercise in a low-resistance environment. For more information on the program, visit