Heart of the Game

Heart of the Game

All his life, Tony Dominguez wanted to play basketball. As a boy, he practiced four to five hours a day. When he was diagnosed with rheumatic heart disease at the age of 14, he wanted nothing more than to get better so he could get back on the court. When he finally realized he would not reach his potential as a player, Dominguez turned to coaching. He worked for 17 years as an assistant coach for the Western Washington University Vikings.

After the Vikings won a national championship in 2012, long-time Head Coach Brad Jackson left for the University of Washington, and suddenly Dominguez had his own team. Now, as the new Vikings head coach, he is striving to live up to expectations and keep the Vikings on their winning course.

This video was shot by students in WWU's Digital Media in Journalism class during the winter quarter 2014. The piece was edited by Senior Instructor Stephen Howie.

Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 11:15am