WWU Associate Professor of Environmental Science Jim Helfield and his students are working to save endangered chinook salmon on the South Fork of Whatcom County's Nooksack River just a few miles from Western's campus.

Clouds roll over south campus in this relaxing timelapse by WWU Visual Journalism major Hannah Gordon-Kirk.

Welcome to Western Washington University! Join us for a tour of our beautiful campus located in Bellingham, Washington!

Mountain goats are in trouble in the Cascades, and WWU Professor of Environmental Science David Wallin and his students are involved in a joint federal and regional program to bring goats from the Olympics back to their natural range.

Western's Huxley College of the Environment turned 50 this spring, and celebrates its status as the oldest environmental science college in the nation. 

The sun sinks to the horizon a beautiful spring evening in Bellingham.

Western Associate Professor of Geology, Physics and Astronomy Melissa Rice works with undergrad and graduate students to support the Mars 2020 Rover mission.

Did you know that ATUS supports Western with a wide variety of technologies and services? Get timely updates and other technology tidbits through the video series: Just Two Minutes.

This month’s show is hosted by Chris Roselli of the WWU Alumni Association and Kevin Miller, a student at Western.   Following is the story lineup for this episode:

Jake Brunner found his way to Bellingham, Washington, from Huston, Texas, following his passion of creating jewelry.

Today, Jake is a part owner in the jewelry company Leaf and Badger. He's dedicated to creating fine, unique pieces, many of which include inspiration from the Pacific Northwest’s nature and wilderness.