Roberta D. Kjesrud Publishes New Book About Inclusive Teaching & Learning Practices

Monday, May 3, 2021

Roberta D. Kjesrud of Western Washington University recently published a new book, Learning Enhanced: Studio Practices for Engaged Inclusivity, which presents an equity-based studio approach to coaching student growth in academic literacies, especially research, reading, and writing. Organized by six core themes – engaged inclusivity, studio-based learning, integrated literacies, placemaking, assessment, and the political context of higher education – the volume includes a mix of chapters and interchapters. Chapters review existing scholarship, challenge fossilized library and writing center pedagogies, expose equity gaps, and offer principles for innovation. Interchapters offer undergraduate practitioner’s insights into transformative practices that increase both learning and engaged inclusivity.

Kjesrud began working at Western Washington University in 1988 as an undergraduate peer tutor. She went on to direct Western's Writing Center from 1997-2015. In 2015, she helped create Western Libraries’ Hacherl Research & Writing Studio by developing fresh pedagogical approaches to supporting integrated academic literacies. In addition to attracting external donors, the Studio has drawn national attention as an innovative model for libraries and writing centers. Currently, Kjesrud is leading the Libraries' Writing Instruction Support program where she is developing equity-based approaches for faculty teaching research- and writing-rich courses for Western's writing requirement.