Winter Quarter photoblog

  • Geology Professor Brady Foreman works with students in the water lab in the Environmental Science building. The lab is used for studying how water impacts the land, from coastal erosion to sediment movement. (photo by Caleb Albright)
  • photo by C. Becker
  • The snow has added to Western's Outdoor Sculpture Gallery with this bunny in the center of Fisher Fountain. (C. Becker photo)
  • Junior Jackson Winner uses a "free speech ball" to promote the Young Americans for Liberty. Jackson lets students write whatever they would like on it as they pass by in Red Square. (photo by Caleb Albright)
  • Senior Emily Burlison (left) and freshman Kayla Clarke (right) demonstrate self defense practices on Thursday in Red Square during the AS Club Showcase. The two were inviting people to sign up for their self-defense club which meets on Thursday evenings.
  • Senior Sherri McCarty, freshman Kylee Jovag and sophomore Emma Dubois run a drill during practice for the Western Women's Lacrosse team. The team's first home game of the season will be on March 4 at 7 p.m. against the University of Portland.
  • Senior Arlen Coiley, a Fairhaven student from Lopez Island, loves coffee so much he has started his own business centered around it called Handshake Coffee. He uses a pop up stand that he made and moves it around Bellingham.
  • Seniors Erin L. Harris and Grace Demsky dissect a sheep's heart during their biology lab on Tuesday, February 21. The class is required for any students hoping to go into the medical field, so students from various programs take the class. (C. Becker)
  • Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Program Support Supervisor Lori Torres holds "Harry," a rose hair tarantula who lives in the Slesnick STEM Education Resource Center in the SMATE Building. (P. Ovesen)
  • Students from Associate Professor Tara Perry's Communication classes hold signs to promote the Social Justice Film Series, which will include mini documentaries about homelessness, March 1 at 5 p.m. in Fraser Hall 102. (P. Ovesen)
  • Seniors Dylan Rus-Ingham and Kathrine Braseth from the Black Student Union run a "Bae Grams" booth on Tuesday, February 14, at Venders Row. Students could create a valentine to deliver themselves or have the recipient paged to pick it up. (C. Becker)
  • Senior Chelsea Johnson weighs soil samples to determine how much carbon is in the soil on Monday, in the Environmental Science building. The samples come from Padilla Bay, Samish and around Skagit County. (C. Becker)
  • Students perform in "Sidious: The Ewoks Strike Back Part II," a Star Wars parody written and produced by Truxton McCoy for his senior project Friday, Feb. 3. (P. Ovesen)
  • Junior Kyra Oziel, a neuroscience major, practices applying old age makeup during her stage makeup class on Wednesday.
  • Miller Hall looks beautiful when it is brushed with snow. Stay safe and warm today, Vikings. (C. Becker)
  • Junior Meysam Adibzadeh wins a t-shirt after he spun the Compass 2 Campus wheel in Red Square. Students in the Compass 2 Campus program have been tabling in order to get more people involved with mentoring students in grades 5-12. (C. Becker)
  • Candace Johnson works on a sculpture in the ceramics lab in the Art Annex. She has spent about 15 hours working on the piece and just finished sculpting the clay. Next she will fire it, glaze it and fire it again. (C. Becker)
  • Junior Alynn Sobolik improvises music in Red Square. (C. Becker)
  • Senior Ross Rhone of Everett, a Computer Science major, works on coding for his group senior project. Rhone and his team of four others are trying to create an updated operating system for printing.
  • Campus Christian Fellowship interns Danielle Ford and Samantha Stanley offer cookies and prayer to students in Red Square. (C. Becker)
  • Senior Karlyn Nourse works on a cyanotype for her mixed media class in the photography lab in the Fine Arts Building. A cyanotype is a photo printing process that produces a blue print using ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide.
  • Senior Manufacturing Engineering majors Austin Baker and Ryan Scherich add inputs to a machine's computer that will determine what will be created out of a block of metal. (C. Albright)
  • Senior Kayla Mantha-Rensi works in a toxicology lab in the Environmental Science Building for a class. There are only 3 other students in the class. She is testing how much of certain chemicals algae can be exposed to before they die. (C. Becker)
  • Senior Max Griffith, from Seattle, works with other students in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program to use Legos, a piece of paper and pens to solve a hypothetical problem. The program uses problems like this to spark creativity. (C. Albright)
  • Senior Abby Kuchar paints Colorado's Frying Pan River from a photo on Monday, Jan. 9, in the Fine Arts Building. She is an art major with a concentration in painting, and estimates that it will take about 45 hours to finish the piece. (C. Becker)
  • Marketing junior Bradley Foster came in last in his fantasy football league and had to wear this outfit for the day on Tuesday, January 10. Foster plans to play fantasy football again but with an even worse punishment next year. (C. Becker)
  • Junior Amy Feeney, from Mount Vernon, practices scales and concerto pieces on Thursday, January 5 in an empty classroom in the PAC. WWU photo/Christina Becker
  • Student Victoria Boles helps to give out coffee and other treats for Western Wednesday on the cold first day of Winter quarter. WWU photo/Caleb Albright
  • Seniors Anders Dowell and Ethan Katz practice their juggling skills in Red Square on a sunny afternoon. (Caleb Albright photo)
  • Western was treated to a gorgeous mix of sunshine and snow Tuesday, Feb. 7.  Photo: Caleb Albright / University Communications and Marketing intern
    Western was treated to a gorgeous mix of sunshine and snow Tuesday, Feb. 7. Photo: Caleb Albright / University Communications and Marketing intern

Office of Communications and Marketing Visual Journalism interns Caleb Albright, Paloma Ovesen and Christina Becker will work throughout winter quarter to capture Western's unique student experience for Western Today. Check back often!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 - 1:16pm