Students put final touches on 'The Imaginary Invalid' before its debut tonight

Photos by Roisin Cowan-Kuist, Office of Communications and Marketing intern
  • Two student actors from the 'Imaginary Invalid' facing each other, smiling and gesturing towards each other in a positive manner
  • Seven student actors, first one on the right gesturing towards the audience, two on the right and one on the left facing each other extending their hands and three in the background appearing to be engaged in conversation
  • Student actor facing the back of the stage
  • Two student actors facing towards the back of the stage in conversation
  • Student actor extending right arm and pointing
  • Two student actors interacting one is laughing and the other is listening intently
  • Two student actors conversing on stage
  • Student actor extending right arm and pointing with a walking stick
  • Student actor gesturing with left arm and holding a closed fan in their right hand
  • Student actor stage stumbling on to a bench and fanning themselves
  • Two student actors interacting on stage one is sitting on a bench fanning themselves and the other is standing facing them

Student-actors met Thursday evening, Jan. 30 in the Performing Arts Center to do a dress rehearsal of "The Imaginary Invalid," which opens tonight at the DUG Theater in the PAC. The run-through gave the actors, staff and faculty staff an opportunity to run through the entire play, which is a comedy written by Molière during the 17th century and provides commentary on the pseudo-science that ran rampant in the medical industry during that time.

The play opens with a musical piece performed by Robert Frederiksen, Nay Helmeid and Aiken Bömers-Muller. "Imaginary Invalid" follows the story of a hypochondriac, played by Max Koh, who attempts to marry-off his daughter, played by Juli Brown, to a doctor in order to save on medical expenses.

The production is directed by Evan Mueller, features a full cast of Western students and will offer a number of evening and matinée shows through Feb. 16. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019 - 11:05am