Photo Gallery: Fall Commencement

About 790 students left commencement on Saturday with their diplomas; congratulations, new Viking alumni!


WWU photos by Dan Levine



student's mortar board states "she needed a hero so she became one"
Student's mortar board has decorated diorama of dinosaurs getting their diplomas
student's mortar board states "woo-hoo!"
A student waits to get her diploma while her baby sleeps in her carrier in the aisle
Student hugs her mom
Student holds funny "Dr. Phil" poster in Red Square
New grad poses with his mother in Red Square
A family celebrates their new grad
Friends pose with their diplomas after the ceremony
a trio of about-to-be-graduates flash smiles
Student speaker Robyn Sabarre Caylor
Western Washington University Alumnus Ziad Youssef, an attorney and entrepreneur, addressed WWU graduates and their families at the fall commencement ceremony
another packed house in Carver