Edens/Higginson wins green residence contest

Kramer Janders
Monday, April 21, 2014 - 4:13pm
University Communications and Marketing intern

Every winter quarter, the Residents’ Resource Awareness Program at Western Washington University holds "Go for the Green," a competition amongst Western's nine residence halls to reduce water, waste, electricity and natural gas. Last quarter, residents saved 91,374 kilowatt hours through energy reduction practices.

The winner of this year's "Go for the Green" challenge was Edens/Higginson. Through winter quarter, Edens and Higginson had 60 percent of residents sign reduction pledges and had the largest reduction in electricity use.

Residents Resource Awareness Program Coordinator Kendra Krantz said "Go for the Green" is meant to get students aware of their overconsumption, and to teach them how easy it is to live sustainably.

“The hope is once students move off campus they continue to live that way,” Krantz said.