Harriet Spanel

Expect a large crowd at the Church of Assumption on Saturday, Feb. 20, for the funeral Mass for former state lawmaker Harriet Spanel of Bellingham.

The ceremony begins at 10:30 a.m. at the church, 2116 Cornwall Ave., followed by a reception.

People who want to see the depths of the universe can get a glimpse at Western Washington University's recently upgraded planetarium.

The planetarium, on the third floor of Haggard Hall, has been outfitted with a new digital projection system that can project 3-D, high-resolution…

Harriet Spanel gifts make system possible; planetarium to be more available to campus, community

A new state-of-the art digital projection system has been installed at Western Washington University’s planetarium, the result of generous gifts by Harriet Spanel in memory of her…

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