Amy Appleton

The Registrar’s Office would like to thank, Amy Appleton, Anna Blick, John Purdie, Sara Wilson, Taya Winter and Fran Maas for volunteering at Western Washington University's winter commencement ceremony Saturday. Please know that your help was very much appreciated.

The Registrar’s Office at Western Washington University thanks the following people, who volunteered at spring commencement June 9 on the WWU campus:

Marshals: Doug Adelstein, Amy Appleton, Anna Carey, Kergie Garcia, Pee Wee Halsell, Karen Walker and Taya Winter…

The Registrar’s Office thanks the following people who volunteered as marshals at the winter commencement ceremony: Amy Appleton, Pee Wee Halsell, Willy Hart, Sara Wilson and Taya Winter.

Their help was greatly appreciated.


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