WWU’s Joseph Trimble Receives 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award from University of Oklahoma

Western Washington University’s Joseph Trimble has won the University of Oklahoma 2019 Distinguished Alumni of the College of Arts and Sciences award.

Trimble, a distinguished university professor of Psychology and a research associate at Western’s Center for Cross-Cultural Research, will be honored during University of Oklahoma’s Kaleidoscope Evening on March 8, attended by students, faculty and alumni. He will also be invited to speak briefly on the importance of his educational experience.

Trimble received his bachelor’s degree from Waynesburg College (now University) in 1961 and pursued graduate studies in Psychology at the University of New Hampshire, Harvard University, and the University of Oklahoma, where he received his doctorate in 1969.

He has been at Western since 1979. He is the recipient of many other awards, including WWU’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 1987, the Outstanding-Scholar Award in 1985, the Paul J. Olscamp Outstanding Faculty Research Award and the Diversity Achievement Award in 1999.

For more information on Trimble’s achievements and honors, see the Window Magazine story at window.wwu.edu/article/113968 or contact (360) 650-3058.

Thursday, October 25, 2018 - 10:21am