Three from Decision Sciences have article on e-business services published

Mark Springer (Decision Sciences), Craig K. Tyran (Decision Sciences) and Steven Ross (Decision Sciences) had their article "Measuring the Quality of E-Business Services" published in the "Encyclopedia of E-business Development and Management in the Global Economy," pp. 125-134, IGI Global, 2010.


Electronic service quality, or e-service quality, refers to the quality experienced by the user of a service delivered via the Internet. Over the past several years, researchers have developed different models of e-service quality with the objective of identifying those aspects that are most important for customer satisfaction and loyalty. The current authors develop a framework to compare and contrast these models. While there is some agreement between existing models regarding the key dimensions of e-service quality, these models focus almost exclusively on retail e-commerce Web sites. Additional research is needed not only to resolve the differences between existing quality models for e-commerce Web sites, but also to develop e-service quality assessment tools for the entire range of e-business services.

Friday, March 12, 2010