Liberal Studies' Kimberly Lynn publishes three articles on early modern Inquisitions

Liberal Studies' Lynn publishes three articles on early modern Inquisitions

Kimberly Lynn (Associate Professor and Department Chair, Liberal Studies) had two articles published in one edited collection: “Judges and Shepherds: Inquisitions,” and, with Gretchen Starr-LeBeau, “Tribunals and Jurisdictions: Inquisitions,” in Judging Faith, Punishing Sin: Inquisitions and Consistories in the Early Modern World, ed. Charles H. Parker and Gretchen Starr-LeBeau (Cambridge University Press, 2017), 52-65 and 116-27.

This volume is also expected out in Spanish translation later in 2018, to be published by the Spanish publisher Cátedra.

And she had another article published: “From Madrid to Rome: Communication, Collaboration and Competition between the Roman and Spanish Inquisitions,” in The Roman Inquisition: Centre versus Peripheries, ed. Katherine Aron-Beller and Christopher Black (Brill, 2018), 60-89.


Monday, June 4, 2018 - 12:02pm