Klein presents on computational art history at Amsterdam workshop

Andy Klein, a new faculty member in the Engineering and Design Department at Western Washington University, has been doing some research in an area called "computational art history," which applies image processing techniques to help answer questions in art history and conservation (often attempting to validate the authenticity of a given piece of art).

He gave a talk on the subject recently at a workshop at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with a handful of other recognized experts in the field. Klein's talk covered the identification of photographic papers (for example, to help identify forgeries of photographic works). The talk was paired with a talk by art conservator Paul Messier, who is head of the Lens Media Lab at Yale University.

In addition to this invitation to speak at the Rijksmuseum, Klein also was recently invited to be guest editor for a special July 2015 issue of IEEE Signal Processing Magazine on the topic of computational art history.

Friday, July 17, 2015 - 11:30am