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Kanov given award for excellence in teaching

  • Kanov

The College of Business and Economics has awarded the Allette and Cayden Chase Franklin Excellence in Teaching Award to Jason Kanov, associate professor of management at Western Washington Univeristy.

Kanov’s work in re-engineering the ”Introduction to Management and Organizational Behavior” course is innovative and meaningful, resulting in more engaged learning for students according to the faculty committee that judged the submissions for the award. The award is underwritten by WWU and CBE alum, Chase Franklin and his wife Teri in honor of their children Allette and Cayden Chase Franklin.

The award was presented at the Western Business Summit luncheon on Friday, Oct. 18. The Western Business Summit brings together numerous industry and program boards of executives, numerous alums, faculty and students.

Friday, October 18, 2013 - 12:37pm