DeMark presents student work at international leadership conference

Western Washington University students who complete leadership e-portfolios illustrate some of the same principles and practices as artists in the process of producing their art.

At the International Leadership Association’s 14th Annual Global Conference, Joanne DeMark, a WWU leadership educator, will highlight this e-portfolio process. This will be the first time a leadership educator from WWU has presented at the foremost international leadership association for leadership educators and practitioners.

DeMark, along with three other leadership educators who are a part of The Flow Project, founded by Fairhaven alumna Skye Burn, will describe the process and preliminary findings of an artists’ inquiry exploring the connections of art and leadership. Principles such as artists create space for the work, and art-making involves a process of surrender are findings that the Flow Project leadership educators have been discussing connected to a shifting paradigm for leaders and the leadership of today.

By sharing observations of students completing their leadership e-portfolios, and a demonstration of some features of WWU student e-portfolios, DeMark will describe how leadership and art are connected in the stories and digital multi-media representations. The international Conference, titled "Leadership across the Great Divides," occurs from Oct. 24 to 27.

DeMark is one of 10 leadership educators who contribute to The Flow Project by: a) refining the questions to ask artists; b) considering the results of the artist inquiry and giving feedback to inform the inquiry; c) translating the principles and practices of art into principles and practices of leadership; and d) where appropriate, sharing the work through their teaching, writing, and leadership practices.

For more information on WWU student leadership e-portfolios, the ESS Division’s LEADS program of Western’s Leadership Advantage, or on the art and leadership qualitative inquiries of The Flow Project, contact Joanne DeMark.

Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 11:31am