Bowe has article published on framing of letters regarding Shariah amendment

Western Today staff

Brian J. Bowe, an assistant professor of journalism at Western Washington University, co-authored an article with Jennifer Hoewe of the University of Alabama that was published recently in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly.

According to its abstract, the article, "Night and Day: An Illustration of Framing and Moral Foundations in the Oklahoma Shariah Amendment Campaign," analyzes letters to the editor in two Oklahoma newspapers during the debate over a constitutional amendment banning judicial use of the Islamic moral code called "Shariah Law." The authors identified three morality-based frames used in the letters: a Patriot frame emphasizing Shariah’s harms, a Heritage frame advocating loyalty to the American Way, and a Golden Rule frame promoting equal treatment of Muslims.

Read the full article on the journal's website.

Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 9:42am