WWU Student Health Center Launches New EMR; Will Be Closed Nov. 25-27 for Training

Western’s Student Health Center is proud to announce the launch of a new electronic medical record (EMR) beginning Monday, Dec. 2. 

In order to prepare for this transition, the Student Health Center will be closed from Monday, Nov. 25  to Wednesday, Nov. 27 for training.

The EMR is an important tool in allowing WWU students to take a more active role in managing their own health.  Through an EMR, WWU students are able to access test results, request prescription refills and communicate with their medical providers.  EMRs also help medical providers deliver better health care by providing accurate and up to date information about patients, enabling safer more reliable prescribing, enhancing privacy and security of patient data and improving patient and provider interaction and communication.

The Student Health Center will be replacing its current EMR with Point and Click.  Unlike many EMRs that focus on hospital or private practice clinics, Point and Click specializes in college health.  Over 200 colleges and universities across the country already use Point and Click daily.  Having an EMR designed to the specific needs of Western’s students will allow the Student Health Center to provide higher quality affordable integrated medical and behavioral health care to support student’s academic progress and success.

Like learning a new language, the transition to a new EMR is a complex process requiring ongoing training, design, development and maintenance.  Although the Student Health Center will be doing everything it can to provide the level of service it has in the past, it requests your patience as this process unfolds.  This transition to a new EMR may mean that wait times in the reception area will be longer, visits with nurses and providers will be slower and responsiveness to questions via the patient portal will be delayed somewhat.  In addition, current patients of the Student Health Center will see a change in the patient portal name from “Webview” to “MyWesternHealth” and will be required to set up new log-ins.

Fear not!  This transition is not expected to last long.  The Student Health Center hopes that the long term benefits of a new EMR will outweigh these short term inconveniences.  For further questions or concerns, please feel free to visit the Student Health Center website at https://studenthealth.wwu.edu/ or call the Student Health Clinic at 360-650-3400.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 11:59am