WWU Lunch & Learn updates winter and spring schedule of talks

All Western Washington University (WWU) employees are invited to the WWU Lunch & Learn series, taking place on the second Tuesday of the month from October-May via Zoom. We are moving these sessions to 11-11:55 a.m. starting in January.

In the second year of Lunch & Learn, we are shifting the focus away from HR and COVID-19 related information and moving towards content promoting the health and wellbeing of everyone at Western. We will approach these topics using the framework of the Okanagan Charter as our guide, which focuses on health in terms of people, place, and planet. This series is brought to you in collaboration from Joyce Lopes, VP for Business & Financial Affairs, and Dr. Sislena Ledbetter, Associate VP for Counseling, Health, and Wellbeing. 

This series will provide:

  • Valuable information sessions for Western employees to learn about and promote the wellbeing of people, place, and planet.  
  • A place for university employees to pose questions to leadership in an informal environment, and to hear directly from campus leaders.  
  • A space to promote belonging and a culture of care.   

Topics by Date:   

  • 1/10/23: Multicultural and diversity updates at the programmatic level  
    • Litav Langley and Amy Salinas-Westmoreland 
  • 2/14/23: Employee Resources Groups   
    • Caregivers and Parents group
  • 3/14/23: Sustainability updates and how to incorporate more sustainable practices into our everyday work  
    • Amanda Cambre, Director of Sustainability Integration 
  • 4/11/23: Infusing equity into meetings through social learning  
    • Travis Tennessen, Director, Center for Community Learning  
  • 5/9/23: What’s going on in Olympia? The 2023 Legislative Session closes on April 23. Find out what happened and how it affects Western.  
    • Becca Kenna-Schenk and the new Director of Government Relations


Please email Samara Aboav at aboavs@wwu.edu.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023