WWU, Huxley launch VikingFunder scholarship effort to support environmental justice and students of color

Western Washington University and its Huxley College of the Environment have acknowledged that the environmental conservation movement must diversify to become more inclusive and effective. Support for diversity is critical to broadening the impact of our Huxley students.

With that in mind, WWU, Huxley, and the Western Foundation are creating the Huxley BIPOC Environmental Justice Scholarship to support members of Black, Indigenous, and POC communities, ensure their access to the environmental fields, and establish their place at the table as environmental justice advocates through scholarship support.   

This scholarship will be awarded to a passionate Huxley College major or pre-major who is a member of a BIPOC community focused on environmental advocacy and in financial need; give to the fund to establish this scholarship here.

Thursday, September 17, 2020 - 11:06am

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