WWU hosts regional AUAP Consortium meeting

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WWU hosted the annual Asia University American Program Consortium Meeting June 4-6, joining the International Association of Asia University, Central Washington University and Eastern Washington University to celebrate 30 years of the Asia University America Program.

A reception celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the program took place in the Solarium at Old Main, with welcoming remarks by WWU President Randhawa. Presentations were made to faculty leadership of IAAU to recognize the occasion.

“When Western participated in the pilot program with Asia University in 1988, international education and awareness of the need for our students to have global perspectives was still a relatively new idea.  Today, there can be no denying the profoundly interconnected nature of our world—with people, communications and resources flowing across borders and the planet itself faster every day," said Randhawa in his opening remarks.  "Today, we know that international education and global awareness are not optional for our students and our societies to flourish—they are imperative. “  

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Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 8:44am