WWU employees save $3,880 during Wheel Options promotion

Friday, December 3, 2010 - 12:38pm
Western Today staff

During the fall 2010 Wheel Options promotion, 277 WWU employees used an alternative to driving alone at least two days between Oct. 17 and 30. The results included 29,390 miles not driven and 23,854 pounds of carbon dioxide not emitted into the atmosphere.

Amtrak companion fare coupons will be mailed this week to the campus mail stops of those who participated. Winners of the $2,500 cash prize, weekend getaways and other great prizes in the state-wide drawing have been published at http://www.wheeloptions.org.

There are many benefits for those who choose to walk, bike, take transit or carpool. For more information, contact Carol, Wendy or Kay at transportation@wwu.edu or (360) 650-7960.

WWU Fall 2010 Wheel Options Facts at a Glance - Oct. 17-30 Promotion Period

  • 277 Employees participating
  • 2,478 Single-occupant trips not taken
  • 29,390 Miles not driven
  • 23,854 Pounds of carbon dioxide not emitted
  • 88 Pounds of hydrocarbons not emitted
  • 802 Pounds of ccarbon monoxide not emitted
  • 1,224 gallons of gas saved
  • $3,880 dollars saved