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WWU Coronavirus Update for July 22: Cloth Face Coverings

Dear Western Community,

Effective June 26, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee has mandated the wearing of cloth face coverings for all people statewide when in indoor public places and in outdoor public spaces if unable to physically distance from others. As with previous face covering guidance there are certain exceptions. Details can be found in the Department of Health Guidance dated June 24, 2020. 

What does this mean for the students, faculty, staff, and visitors who make up the Western Community? 

  • Always wear your face covering when in a building (unless alone in a private office).  

  • When alone outdoors, always have one with you and ready to put on if you need to enter a building or you must be around others.  

  • Always wear one in a vehicle with another person or persons.  

  • When in doubt, wear it! 

Wearing cloth face coverings offers an important measure of protection when combined with social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing of surfaces, and staying home if sick. As our state and our university resume more activities these measures are currently our best-known means of keeping ourselves, and those around us, healthy. Do your part to protect the Western community and wear your mask! 

For more information, please see the resources below. 

WWU Safe Start Face Covering Information 

CDC - Wearing, Washing, and Making Cloth Face Coverings 

Washington Coronavirus Response - Face Masks or Cloth Face Covering 

Washington Department of Health Guidance on Face Coverings 

How to Make an Accessible Deaf-Friendly Mask 


Dr. David Hansen 
Associate Medical Director, Student Health Center 

Sue Sullivan 
Director, Environmental Health & Safety 


The Incident Command System team at Western has established three goals for all of our preparation and response to COVID-19:  to protect life safety and minimize the spread of the coronavirus illness, to maintain – as much as possible – the continuity of Western’s operations, and to communicate with our communities as fully as possible.

Western's coronavirus information website features Frequently Asked Questions; has links to campus, regional and national resources; an archive of campus messaging and media stories about coronavirus; a new toll-free campus coronavirus information line, and more. The site is a living document, and will get frequent updates as the coronavirus situation evolves.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2020 - 11:33am