Wise & Well U announces new workshops

Wise & Well U is a program dedicated to faculty and staff well-being by promoting financial, personal, and physical wellness. The program offers a variety of workshops, activities, and tools to support overall well-being. We partner with other campus members, state agencies, and local organizations to cover a variety of topics. Through Wise & Well U, the Community Connect program invites local nonprofits to lead dialogues and build collaborative relationships with the University community. We also help promote the state’s voluntary wellness program, SmartHealth. Employees who participate in SmartHealth are given the opportunity to score points and qualify for a wellness incentive on their medical deductible.


We are offering a variety of workshops and dialogues for fall quarter.

  • Ergonomics: Reducing Stress and Strain on Your Body, Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 12 – 1 pm, Humanities 210 
  • Community Connect: Economic Vitality and Sustainability in Whatcom County, Thursday, Oct. 17th, 12-1 pm 
  • The Inside Story - Seafood Nutrition, Friday, Oct. 18th, 12– 1 pm, Humanities 210 
  • Emergency Preparedness, Wednesday, Oct. 30th, 12 – 1 pm, Humanities 210 
  • DRS Retirement Planning Seminar, Saturday, Nov. 2nd, 9am– 1:30 pm, Location TBD 
  • Community Connect: Food Access and Education, Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 12-1 pm, WWU Outback Farm  
  • Long Term Care, Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 12-1pm, Humanities 210 
  • WA Wellness Program on SmartHealth and Improving Sleep, Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 12-1pm, Humanities 210 
  • EAP: Generations in the Workplace, Thursday, Nov. 7th, Humanities 210, 12-1pm
  • Fidelity: Identify and Prioritize your Savings Goals, Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 12-1pm, Humanities 210 
  • Community Connect: Childcare Challenges in Whatcom County, Friday, Nov. 15th, 2:30-4pm, Fairhaven Auditorium 
  • Fidelity: Prepare for the Reality of Health Care in Retirement, Thursday, Nov. 21st, 12-1pm, Humanities 210 


To register, sign up through the WWU Training  site. Check out the Wise & Well U website to learn about other tools and resources.

Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 4:21pm

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