Western Links channel added to myWestern portal


The current Western Washington University home page will be revised this fall. The future WWU home page will be directed at incoming students and alumni, and as such the navigation links on the left side of the current home page will be removed. Since many faculty and staff use these navigation buttons to find various departments and campus services, a new feature, the Western Links channel, has been added to the myWestern portal that replicates these navigation features.

The myWestern portal is designed for faculty, staff, and current students. By using the myWestern portal, users will now have access to the navigation features (Western Links) of the current WWU home page. In addition, the myWestern portal provides single sign-on access to Web4U, Banner, calendars, and a wide range of other channels that organize commonly used university web sites, tools, and employee-related information.

To access myWestern from the current WWU home page, click on the yellow LOGIN button, which takes you to the Universal Login page. After entering your Username and Password, you then go directly to the myWestern portal. You can also log in to the portal directly by going to https://mywestern.wwu.edu/.

The MyWestern portal can be easily customized as well, with the ability to rearrange the channels on your page, add bookmarks and RSS feeds, and add literally hundreds of customized channels. For instructions on customizing your myWestern portal, click on the ‘Learn to Customize" channel from the portal, or access it directly by going to http://west.wwu.edu/atus/helpdesk/customizemywestern.

You can also access the new Western Links channel by going to the myWestern Guest page, which does not require you to login. To access the guest page, click on ‘myWestern" on the current home page, or access it directly by going to http://mywestern.wwu.edu. This Guest page has the new Western Links channel and is available to any user.

Monday, July 11, 2011 - 10:42am