Western continues to finalize parking plan

Maggie Degman
WWU Communications and Marketing intern

The latest discussions on Western Washington University's Draft Comprehensive Parking Master Plan were held this past week in an open forum on campus and in a presentation to the Board of Trustees. The plan details the issues that Parking Services needs to handle as well as the changes that need to be made to increase revenue and reduce costs so problems can be addressed.

Quality of parking lots on campus are a main concern to Parking Services. This summer, the 24 percent of lots in good condition will be repaired so that they do not deteriorate into poor condition, which would require more expensive full renovation, said Rich Van Den Hul, vice president for Business and Financial Affairs. In the next three years, the south campus gravel lots and the Lincoln Creek Transportation Center will be paved. In total, $14.4 million dollars of capital improvements are needed in the parking lots.

In order to tackle the cost of the capital improvements, the plan proposes significant reductions in operating costs and modest increases in fines as well as a 5.4-percent increase in general parking costs in 2016 and another increase of 3 percent in 2017. A free permit may also be implemented for commuters to use the Lincoln Creek Transportation Center next year to prepare for charging for use of the lot in 2018.

The Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee has endorsed the plan. For more information, view the draft plan document online.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015