Western Alert Test scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 17; will include lockdown drill

Dear Campus Community,

Western Washington University plans to test its Western Alert emergency communications system at 2:40 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17, and also conduct a campus lockdown drill.

The Western Alert system is a group of ways to reach students, faculty and staff with important safety information.

Lockdown Drill: In conjunction with the test of the Western Alert system, a voluntary all-campus lockdown drill will take place at the same time – 2:40 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 17. An orientation video explaining how to prepare for and what to do during the drill is available at the University Police website. During the drill, the campus community is encouraged to physically assess their surroundings and visualize actions and steps they would take if this was an actual emergency.

The WWU Central Health and Safety Committee has recommended that three safety drills be performed each academic year: lockdown, earthquake and fire. 

Western Alert test: The following Western Alert elements will be tested on Oct. 17:

  • Desktop notification on installed computers throughout campus, including offices, classrooms and computer labs where a test message will be broadcast.  Users need to only click on the green “Acknowledge” button to make the test message disappear.
  • Test voice messages over the campus fire alarm system (building enunciation).
  • Sending text messages to everyone who has registered in Web4U at MyWestern.
  • Test emails to students, faculty and staff.
  • Posting a Western Alert message on the emergency communication webpage, emergency.wwu.edu and university homepage.
  • Posting a message on Western’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

On Oct. 17, a test voice message (building enunciation) will be repeated several times in buildings as well as some outside speakers at: the university tennis courts, the south campus oval at the Communications Facility, and at the Old Main lawn.  Amber fire alarm strobes also will flash in the main corridors of academic buildings and bathrooms.

A critical element of Western Alert, a text message is one of the most reliable ways to quickly provide emergency information.  Even if users do not regularly text on their cell phones, most phones are capable of receiving text information.  Western students, faculty and staff who have not yet registered to receive Western Alerts via text message are asked to update their personal information via the Web4U application.  Employees may also call the Human Resources Department at 650-3774 for assistance in signing up. For more information, visit Western’s Safety and Emergency Information webpage.

Messages from the Western Alert emergency communications system come in three warning levels, plus weather advisories:

  • Western Alerts are sent when an imminent threat to the health and safety of campus exists. These alerts are always sent via both text and e-mail and may include other notification methodologies, depending on the severity of the incident. The texts will almost always point you to your WWU email for more information. These messages may incorporate follow-up information as it becomes available.
  • WWU Crime Notices at Western shall be distributed to students and employees for any of the 15 Clery Act crimes that pose a serious or continuing threat to the Western community.
  • WWU Campus Advisories are sent out for situations when there is not an imminent threat but a situation of concern.
  • Western Weather Advisories are sent to campus when inclement weather such as snow has occurred, and the campus community may need to adjust their schedules due to closures or delays, or when the university is operating on a normal schedule but more time may be needed to get to campus. Weather notification is also posted on the WWU home page, the WWU Inclement Weather page at http://em.wwu.edu/inclement.html, and by calling Western’s Storm Hotline at (360) 650-6500. See the Inclement Weather page for more information about policies and procedures regarding how the campus reacts when bad weather arrives.
Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 11:23am
Western Alert test scheduled for Thursday, October 17

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