WebTech's Monthly News for April 

It has been another busy month in Web Communication Technologies; see what has been launched and browse for new items that might be of use on your office's website below.

Site Launches and Revamps 


Drupal Updates 

  • Core Security Update  

  • Workbench Email, Views Bulk Operations, Siteimprove modules updated 

  • Default user profile pages now inherits the site title tag structure for consistency 

  • Countdown block type improved for accessibility  


New Modules 

The following new modules are now available on websites.  


  • Editora11y - Configuration is still underway but this is an exciting step forward for making content accessible with gentle nudges on how to improve the content you write. 

  • CKEditor List Style - Allows for using numerals, letters, and other list styles on list elements. Simply right click on a list item and choose a new list style. 


Drupal Theme Updates 

Several new block types added to Block Reference:  

  • Content switchers 

  • Countdown timers 

  • Statistics collection 

  • Schedules 

  • A couple new card styles have also been added. 


See the Ashlar Changelog for more theme updates. 

If you want to use any of these new blocks please email webhelp@wwu.edu.  


WordPress updates from CampusPress 

Accessibility Update: 

  • In collaboration with WebTech CampusPress has made their subscription blog system conform to WCAG AA standards.  

Plugin Updates:  

  • Classic Editor: updated from version 1.4 to 1.6

  • Formidable Forms: updated from 4.05.01 to 4.10.01  

  • Live Shortcode: Tab module accessibility fix.  

  • Editorial Access Manager: Added support for custom post types.  

  • Menu icon: upgraded from version 0.12.2 to 0.12.5 

  • Co Blocks: Compatibility fix for Advanced Settings plugin which affected disabling of featured image on the post page.  

  • Safe Redirection Manager: Upgraded from version 1.9.3 to 1.10.0


Review the CampusPress Changelog for specific details on the plugin updates. 

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