VikingFunder launches new campaign for a food forest at the Outback Farm

The Western Foundation's VikingFunder program has launched a new 30-day campaign to raise $5,000 to buy new plants and trees for a permanent food forest at Western's Outback Farm.  Find out more about the initiative or give generously to help the effort at

The Outback is a student-driven farm with a staff of employees and teams of volunteers, hosting an average of a dozen classes a year. The program welcomes all students to engage in ecosystem restoration, community building, and food justice as they learn about the importance of farming for empowerment, resilience, and health. The Outback was recently named one of the top 40 ranking college farms in America by

The Forest Garden

Two acres of the Outback are a dedicated food forest – a method of cultivation that is great for the environment through building soil, banking carbon, and creating habitat for pollinators and wildlife. Outback volunteers grow a blend of perennials that generate fruits, nuts, fiber, and herbs, including pear, shipova, apple, quince, and plum trees; they also cultivate filberts and chestnuts, as well as cold-hardy kiwi, grapes and nine kinds of berries. The produce they gather from the system goes directly to feeding students who need access to fresh, healthy food.

Students working at the Outback

Monday, October 5, 2020 - 11:12am

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