Viking Village has a new home

Western Today staff

Viking Village, Western Washington University’s online forum, has moved from its current outdated platform to OrgSync, an online management system for campus groups and activities.

The move will provide users of Viking Village with new and exciting features for online discussion – a sleek user interface, increased compatibility with mobile devices, faster page load times, and opportunities for an increased campus audience.

The new platform is able to host all of Viking Village’s existing attributes, including the themed discussion and gallery areas. And while Viking Village’s functionality has been retained, the new site is more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Viking Village’s new home is due to a partnership between the Associated Students, which operates OrgSync for many AS communications initiatives, and the WWU Office of Communications and Marketing, which will continue to provide moderation for the online forum.

Casey Hayden, Student Activities Advisor for the AS, said the AS and Viking Village will mutually benefit from the change. “It will make OrgSync a more lively and engaging place,” he said. “We’re excited.”

“We and the Associated Students have a common goal of ensuring a fulfilling campus and academic experience for everyone here at Western,” said Viking Village Coordinator Jonathan Williams. “Students have used Viking Village to meet, discuss campus life and form AS clubs around shared interests, and I’m pleased about what the new platform can do to help make those things even easier.”

Viking Village and the online forum it provides to students, staff, and faculty is supported by Western’s Division of Enrollment and Student Services and Academic Affairs.

Thursday, September 4, 2014 - 12:52pm