Three WWU faculty members to be part of Innovative Teaching Showcase

Western Today staff

Western Washington University’s Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment has announced the nominees who will be featured in the next Innovative Teaching Showcase, to be published in June:

  • Nicole Brown, English
  • Jill Heckathorn, Physical Education, Health, and Recreation
  • Carolyn Nielsen, Journalism

This year’s theme, “Teaching for Tolerance,” seeks to honor faculty who aspire to address inclusion, diversity and difference in their courses in a variety of ways. From the national media to the local community, educators are ever reminded of the importance of providing an inclusive atmosphere in their classes. Students from ethnic minority groups—one facet of the characteristics that make up Western’s diversity—now represent nearly a fifth of Western’s student body.

The changing student population is likely due to shifts in demographics at large, but also effective outreach, retention, and pedagogical practices here at Western. Instructors who embrace culturally relevant pedagogy support all students by broadening perspectives, affirming individual experiences, and—most importantly—preparing them for a future in a diverse world.

For more information, contact the Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment at (360) 650-7210, or visit the Innovative Teaching Showcase website.

Friday, February 4, 2011 - 11:58am