This year's Innovative Teaching Showcase instructors announced

Looking for examples of how WWU faculty teach with a focus on social justice? This year, the theme of the Innovative Teaching Showcase is Engaging Social Justice.

The Center for Instructional Innovation and Assessment’s advisory board is pleased to announce the 2017-18 Showcase featured instructors:

  • Troy Abel (Environmental Studies)
  • Ee Lin Lee (Communication Studies)
  • Deb Currier (Theatre & Dance)

These instructors—and many others—work to engage students actively with the people and problems of society in engaging ways: by creating meaningful, immersive, enlivening content or processes for exploring social justice issues. This Showcase aims to highlight teaching approaches that help students grow into responsible citizens who participate actively and productively in society.

Seeking Instructor Profiles

The instructors featured in the Showcase are among many at Western who do this essential work! The Showcase publication includes a “Profiles” page where we can share more ideas for teaching with this method. Please view examples and contribute your profile using the submission form or email.

“Social justice education aims to help participants develop awareness, knowledge, and processes to examine issues of justice/injustice in their personal lives, communities, institutions, and the broader society. It also aims to connect analysis to action; to help participants develop a sense of agency and commitment, as well as skills and tools, for working with others to interrupt and change oppressive patterns and behaviors in themselves and in the institutions and communities of which they are a part.”

–Lee Anne Bell, Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice                                                                                     

About the Showcase

For 18 years, the CIIA has published an online edition of the Innovative Teaching Showcase—a collection of innovative teaching practices by nearly 70 WWU faculty members. The Showcase has evolved into a Creative Commons-licensed series publication, cataloged in Western Libraries, and followed by a global audience.


For more information on the Innovative Teaching Showcase, visit or contact Justina Brown at (360) 650-7210.

Monday, April 16, 2018 - 2:25pm