The Wise & Well U workshops are back!

The Wise & Well U workshops are back this winter! Please see the line-up below.  We have added a couple of new workshops. Check them out!

Feb. 6:  Make the Most of Your Retirement Savings:  Next Week! Spots still available.  Learn the importance of saving as much as possible for retirement, how much to save for retirement and the benefits of saving more, different account types you can use to save for retirement, and ways to preserve and grow your savings to last throughout your lifetime.

Feb. 23:  Preserving Your Savings for Future Generations:  What is a taxable estate and how can assets be distributed? Understanding estate planning components, wills vs. probates, and power of attorney. The importance of a living will and health care proxy, and establishing a trust and different forms of trusts. The importance of beneficiary designations, and gifting and insurance replacement strategies. Learn all of this and more during this training!

Feb. 28: Home Insurance 101:  Everyone's home should be a place to simply relax. But as your largest financial asset, protecting it and everything inside can cause some worry. Our discussion will help you rest assured that your homes and families are well protected. Learn how to protect homes from perils such as fires, theft, and severe weather, how insurance can protect valuable possessions, and all the basic elements of a home policy.

March 8:  THRIVE Helping Women Make Financial Progress:  Review some of the facts about women in today's economy and some of the challenges women face when it comes to saving for retirement.

March 13:  Roth 401(k)and Roth 403(b):  Get an introduction to the different contribution options. Learn the difference between Roth vs traditional pretax vs Roth IRA. Walk away with an understanding of the different benefits and considerations of each.

March 15:  Auto Insurance 101:  Let's face it, auto insurance can be confusing. Do you have the right protection? We'll use this discussion to help you feel more confident about your insurance decisions. You"ll learn the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage, what a deductible means, and all the basic elements of an auto policy.

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Wise & Well U is a Western Washington University program devoted to promoting faculty and staff wellbeing by participating in programs that promote health and financial wellness. Check out our new website!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 2:09pm

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