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The Ray Wolpow Institute co-sponsors 'Olympic Pride, American Prejudice' program Tuesday

  • Deborah Riley Draper
    Deborah Riley Draper

The Ray Wolpow Institute is delighted to be a community partner for a virtual “Lunch-and-Learn” program organized by the Holocaust Center for Humanity in Seattle next week.

"Olympic Pride, American Prejudice": Tuesday, June 30, 2020, from noon to 1 p.m. PST

18 African Americans defied Jim Crow and Adolf Hitler to compete in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Critically acclaimed author and filmmaker Deborah Riley Draper tells their stories. “Set against the turbulent backdrop of a segregated United States, sixteen black men and two black women are torn between boycotting the Olympic Games in Nazi Germany or participating. If they go, they would represent a country that considered them second-class citizens and would compete amid a strong undercurrent of Aryan superiority that considered them inferior. Yet, if they stayed, would they ever have to chance to prove them wrong on a global stage?”

Join online via Zoom or Facebook Live. More information, including access information, is available on the Holocaust Center for Humanity's website.

To learn more about the Ray Wolpow Institute at Western Washington University, please feel free to call us, 360.650.7786 or 360.650.7737, or visit our website here. You can also join our community on Facebook.

To watch the official trailer for the film, Olympic Pride, American Prejudice, click here.

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