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Sustainable Transportation, Parking Services merge to form Transportation Services

  • WTA bus pulls up in front of a WWU bus stop

Hey, where did Sustainable Transportation and Parking Services go? Sustainable Transportation has moved out of the Office of Sustainability to combine with Parking Services and create a new unit on campus called Transportation Services, housed in the Student Business Office. Shelby Zimmerman will manage the unit and continue to oversee parking operations, and Jillian Trinkaus remains the campus resource for traveling using active transportation and for transportation planning.

At WWU we encourage everybody to reduce their drive-alone trips to campus whenever possible. Driving less is a significant way to save money, reduce stress, increase your physical activity, and reduce your impact on the planet. Transportation Services is here to support you. Not sure how to get started? Contact today!


New logo for Transportation Services shows pedestrian, biker, driver and bus rider




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Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 9:06am