Students: do you have what it takes to be an IDEA Changemaker Fellow?

IDEA Changemaker Fellows are exemplary Western students committed to driving change in the world. Fellows work individually and collaboratively to support deeper understanding, ideation and implementation of change strategies in our community and beyond. They meet regularly to connect and learn new tools for project development, as well as to continue development of their own work. 

Fellows are change leaders. They are driven and committed to their communities and to solving the intractable problems facing society. Individually they are strong, curious, creative and resilient. Together they are even more. 

The IDEA Changemaker Fellowship Program is committed to finding ambitious dreamers and doers whose life work is to understand, deconstruct barriers, resolve problems and implement solutions. This program supports fellows' work while here at Western, but even more, we are committed to building a network and community of change leaders. IDEA's commitment to each fellow is human centered.

We believe in you and the work you will do over your lifetime, and we see it as our duty and honor to offer support and community so that you can grow even stronger. 

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Thursday, May 10, 2018 - 1:55pm