Students approve renewal of fee that funds bus passes

Thursday, May 3, 2012 - 10:10am
Western Today staff

More than eight in 10 Western Washington University students approved a renewal of the student alternative transportation fee in the annual Associated Students elections, which ended Friday, April 30.

The fee, which passed with 84-percent support, funds student bus passes and the student late-night shuttle.

Students also passed initiatives that call for banning the sale of plastic water bottles on campus, greater transparency in dealings with the Higher One Card, and the formation of a sustainable print quota system on campus to replace the old quota system no longer in use.

Jobs in AS government also were on the line.

Complete results:

  • President:
    • Ethan Glemaker 57%
    • Bill Campbell 43%
  • VP for Diversity:
    • John Deng Duot 53%
    • Christian Correa 47%
  • VP for Activities:
    • Carly Roberts 52%
    • Daniel Hagen 48%
  • VP for Student Life:
    • Katie Savinski 55%
    • Amanda Squires 45%
  • VP for Governmental Affairs:
    • Patrick Stickney 100%
  • VP for Academics:
    • Victor Celis: 53%
    • Brian Toews 47%
  • VP for Business and Operations:
    • Hung Le 55%
    • John von Volkli 45%
  • Higher One (Transparency) Initiative: Yes 79%
  • Print Quota Initiative: Yes 80%
  • Water Bottle Initiative: Yes 73%
  • Alternative Transportation Fee Referendum: Yes 84%

For more information, or to read the text for the referendum and initiatives, visit the AS elections website.