Student Tech Fee proposals up for comment

Western Today staff

The Student Technology Fee Committee asks for student, faculty, and staff comments on the STF Tech Initiatives proposals for the current academic year. Comments are due May 9.

The 10 proposals are available for review on the STF website. From the STF home page of, click “STF Tech Initiatives” in sidebar, then “III. Submitted Tech Initiative Proposals (AY 2016).”

For 2015-16, the portion of the Student Tech Fee fund earmarked for Tech Initiatives projects is approximately $130,000.

Please send comments by May 9 to the STF Committee at

Comments from the Western Washington University community are a valuable aspect of the committee’s decision-making process. As state funding continues to shrink, it is crucial that the university make wise decisions in spending this fee.

The Student Technology Fee is an integral part of Western’s ability to purchase up-to-date equipment. Since it began in 1996, the fee has provided students more than $13 million in technological resources and equipment to directly enhance their academic experience.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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