Some structural changes made to the Western Today daily email

You asked, and we listened.

The Office of University Communications, in conjunction with feedback and design assistance from many of the university's communications stakeholder groups such as the Associated Students, Western Libraries, University Publications, Counseling and Wellness Center, the Viking Union, Facilities Development, and more, have worked on some structural changes to the Western Today daily email that we hope will increase readability and get you to areas you want to get to more quickly and easily.

The News

The first change you will notice is that the links to today's news items are now at the very top of the email under a new header image. Many of you asked for these links to be the first item instead of living in the middle of the document, so these items will now be front and center with each email.


The header image for The News section is the first such section header you will now see in the email; each successive header image denotes a new section of content, such as Features; Coronavirus support information; and The Reference Desk (a shout out to all our fabulous librarians and staff in the Western Libraries), which has the previous day's news links as well as standing items you may refer to each day.


The new structure uses fewer of the horizontal blue lines, or rules, to separate stories and sections, and fewer of the dark blue boxes, which now only are used for standing items in the Reference Desk section. Headlines now appear unboxed in the Features section.

More changes are coming for Western Today's email and its website; stay tuned for more news!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - 9:39am