SmartHealth program one of many aimed at promoting health, wellness

Rachel Ronquillo
WWU Communications and Marketing intern

The Benefits department at Western Washington University is launching a new program devoted to the physical, financial and mental health of Western employees. The Wise & Well U program will provide faculty and staff with workshops, activities and tools to promote overall well-being.

One of those activities is SmartHealth 2016. SmartHealth is Washington state’s voluntary wellness program offered to eligible members of the Public Employees Benefits Board Program.

“SmartHealth is a program that was set up by the state of Washington as a tool to help employees become healthier in all aspects of their lives. It centers on physical health, diet and nutrition,” said Kathy Thompson, the Human Resources Benefits manager at Western.

Employees who participate in SmartHealth are given the opportunity to score points depending on how many healthy activities they complete. For example, by eating three meals and day to help improve metabolism, they will be rewarded 75 points a week.

If an employee reaches their wellness goals by tracking 2,000 points by Sept. 30, they then qualify for the wellness incentive on their medical deductible. They will receive a deductible decrease of $125 for 2017 given to them by the state as a reward for working towards a healthier lifestyle.

“We really want to get this out to employees so that they can start now and begin logging their points so that they can get that wellness incentive for next year,” Thompson said.

The Benefits department will be rolling out new programs throughout the year, starting with SmartHealth. They will also be offering financial workshops and some other wellness workshops, including colorectal screening and a diabetes prevention program.

Thompson encourages all benefits-eligible Western employees to participate in SmartHealth. To enroll, visit and select ‘Get Started’ to begin the activation process.

Thursday, January 28, 2016 - 9:23am

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