Road work near Edens Hall to begin Aug. 26

Friday, August 16, 2013 - 10:53am
Western Today staff

The alley between High Street and Indian Terrace at the north end of campus is being partially reconstructed. During the work, 68 parking stalls in Parking Lot 7G (north of Edens Hall) will be relocated to the adjacent Parking Lot 3R.

The project scope includes closure of the intersection at Oak Street and the bottom of the service road to Edens Hall, plus excavation and reconstruction of up to 5,000 square feet of the most badly broken sections of concrete alley surface. Oak Street will be limited to vehicular traffic to and from Parking Lot 5G and traffic exiting from Parking Lot 7G. Vehicular access into Parking Lots 7G and 3R will be moved to Ivy Street (see attached map). The work will begin Aug. 26 and run for approximately three weeks.

Disabled parking spaces and service/emergency access to Edens Hall will be redirected to the brick path off High Street. If you are expecting any off campus deliveries, please inform them of this detour.

Permit holders in Lot 7G will be notified by Parking Services about the impacts to their parking situation. For more information, call Parking Services at 360-650-2945.

For questions or concerns, contact Doug MacLean at 360-650-3791 or