WWU's ALL on the Peninsulas Opens Registration for Winter 2018 Courses

With passion, engagement and relevance – three vital elements of teaching and learning – Western Washington University's Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) on the Peninsulas has opened registration for its Winter 2018 Catalog of Courses for adults of all ages at wwu.edu/ALLPeninsulas.

ALL offers abbreviated university-level courses in the fine arts, humanities, current events and politics, as well as natural and social sciences. Classes are taught by instructors recruited from a diverse pool of current and retired faculty as well as professionals and scholars from the community in an environment that encourages interdisciplinary exploration, discussion and exchange of ideas.

“Our instructors are passionate about teaching relevant topics to an engaged classroom of adult learners,” said Candi Merrill, director of Operations for Western on the Peninsulas. “ALL is as unique as it is popular with its format of short, three-to-six week courses offered year-round. There are no tests or grades. You can learn simply for the joy of learning.”

Working or retired, interested adults are welcome to register for courses offered at various locations on the Peninsulas. Here is a sample of courses offered.

  • The Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Coming Megathrust Earthquake
  • The Mystical Poetry of Rumi
  • Hollywood Uncensored: Films of the Pre-code Era
  • Resilience: Riding the Roller Coaster of Life with Ease
  • Creative Writing: The Art of the Short Story
  • I, Witness to History

For a complete list of courses and to register, visit wwu.edu/ALLPeninsulas.

Visit wwu.edu/ALLPeninsulas, email Western.Peninsulas@wwu.edu or call 360-394-2748 for more information. 

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - 10:03am