WWU's Academy for Lifelong Learning Announces New Fall 2019 Offerings

Western's Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) on the Peninsulas has announced its fall 2019 courses, offered in four different cities across the region: Poulsbo, Kingston, Bremerton and, for the first time, Port Townsend. Course registration is now open.

These classes, designed for adults of all ages, are short, university-level and cover a wide array of topics, including current events, science, fine arts, history, humanities and more. Instructors include current and retired faculty, as well as professionals and scholars from local communities. The cost per class varies depending on length, venue and content, but ranges from $39–89.

Olympic College in Poulsbo is hosting three classes this fall: Introduction to Islam, Brontë Sisters: Charlotte, Emily and Anne–Victorian Romanticists and Wild Plants as Food and Medicine, where participants learn to utilize simple local herbs.

Village Green Community Center in Kingston is holding 20,000 Years of Food, a dynamic presentation of the history of food and agriculture by botanist and chef Joseph Seals. Village Green also hosts Contemporary Ethics, a class on Norse and Arthurian legends, Greek mythology and religion, a short story workshop and Ancient Germans, a history class about the ancient German tribes of Central Europe.

At Olympic College in Bremerton, Introduction to Buddhism is a two-part course covering the different aspects of this Indian religion, including the Four Noble Truths.

Peninsula College in Port Townsend hosts Gettysburg: Three Days in July, a deep dive into the political and military considerations that led to the most deadly battle of the Civil War.

“We are thrilled to offer Academy for Lifelong Learning on the Peninsulas courses, now in its fourth year, in four locations across the Peninsulas. Port Townsend is a new location for us, and we are confident that residents will thoroughly enjoy the first offering,” said Heather Purcell, Program Manager, Western on the Peninsulas. “We invite you to join us at the location(s) that suit you best for classes are engaging and thought-provoking, taught by instructors who are experts in their respective fields.”

For the full schedule and to register, visit wwu.edu/ALLPeninsulas.

ALL courses are offered year-round and convene for three to six weeks, mainly on weekdays. Class sessions are 60-90 minutes in length. Interested adults from all facets of life, working or retired, are welcome to participate. For more information on all courses available through Academy for Lifelong Learning on the Peninsulas, visit wwu.edu/ALLPeninsulas, email Western.Peninsulas@wwu.edu or call (360) 394-2748.

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Monday, August 12, 2019 - 9:32am