Puget Sound Economic Forecaster Publication has New Home at WWU

A 25-year tradition of quarterly regional economic forecasts will continue as Western Washington University takes the reins of the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster publication from its founders, Dick Conway and Doug Pedersen. 

The Forecaster has a long track record of accurate forecasts and reporting significant factors within the regional economy and the sub-sectors that drive it along with forecasts on specific sectors of the economy and articles explaining various factors and trends. 

Hart Hodges and James McCafferty, directors of the Center for Economic and Business Research at Western, said it was an honor to continue the publication at Western.

“When Dick Conway and Doug Pedersen announced their plans to retire with the Summer edition we began talking with them to make sure it would continue,” Hodges said.

Conway and Pederson expressed their gratitude for the newsletter continuing at Western.

“The Center for Economic and Business Research has the demonstrated capability of maintaining – and even improving upon –the quality of the Puget Sound Economic Forecaster.  We are also grateful to have the newsletter residing at a university, where it can be a tool of learning for students,” Conway said.

Many local governments, banks, construction firms and real estate professionals rely on the quarterly analysis to make critical decisions.  The publication is offered on a subscription basis – more information is available at www.cbe.wwu.edu/cebr/economic-forecaster.

The Center for Economic and Business Research is an outreach center of Western Washington University located within the College of Business and Economics.  The Center connects the resources found throughout the University to assist for-profit, non-profit, government agencies, quasi-government entities and tribal communities in gathering and analyzing useful data.  A number of collaborative approaches help inform those the Center works with so that they are better able to hold discussions and make informed decisions.

The Center employs students, staff and faculty from across the University as well as outside resources to develop reports based on academic approaches and rigor with a neutral analysis perspective.  The Center provides speakers on a broad range of topics for groups throughout the state.  The Center may be reached at 360-650-3909 or https://cbe.wwu.edu/cebr/center-economic-and-business-research

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 9:07am