Registration open for faculty and staff flu shot clinic

An annual flu vaccination is recommended by the CDC for anyone age six months or older, and Western wants our faculty and staff to stay healthy during this upcoming flu season. 

A Wise & Well U will hold a Flu Shot Clinic on Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 5-6, for employees and families.  To make this as convenient as possible, Rite Aid pharmacists will be on-site at the Viking Union Multipurpose Room to administer the vaccinations. If you are covered by the Uniform Medical Plan or the Group Health Classic or Value plan, there will be no cost to you.  If you are paying out of pocket, the price of the flu shot will be discounted to $20 per trivalent flu shot and $66 per high dose flu shot (cash or check). 

Please see the link below to the online registration site to reserve your appointment today. Be sure to enter Western's zip code (98225) when registering.  You will need to bring your insurance card, form of ID, and the completed Screening Questionnaire to your appointment.  A link to the form is provided on the registration website. 

Helpful Hints:

1.       The website is simply a scheduling tool.  Please bring your insurance card, form of ID,and completed Screening questionnaire with you to your appointment.

2.      The fastest way to get through the line will be to have your screening questionnaire completed, signed, and a copy of your insurance card stapled to it. 

 If you have any questions, please direct them to Alxys Hjembo at Rite Aid – You may specify which vaccine you would like from the list below:

(Please note all vaccines offered this year are intramuscular, the FluMist vaccine will not be offered this year due to its efficacy.)

  • Trivalent - This is your standard flu shot for ages 10-64.  It protects against the 3 main strains of the flu (H1N1, H3N2 and B/Yamagata).
  • Quadrivalent - This is typically used for ages 2-10, although can be used by adults - please be sure to ask our Pharmacist if you"re interested in this vaccine.  It protects against the 3 main strains of the flu, along with a 4th strain (B/Victoria lineage virus).
  • High Dose - This vaccine is for persons 65 years and older.  (For persons under the age of 65 wanting this vaccine please see your Dr. as it may require prior authorization from insurance.)  It protects against the 3 main strains of the flu and is essentially a "double dose" of the vaccine.
  • FluID/Block - This is a flu shot designed for those who are allergic to eggs.  It is grown inside of cells instead of eggs.  If you need this vaccine, please contact Alxys Hjembo – this vaccine will need to be special ordered.

Link: Get Your Flu Shot   


Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 10:19am

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