Proposed policies on employing family members, developing policies up for 30-day review Oct. 1

The President's Office and Human Resources at Western Washington University have submitted for 30-day campus review policies regarding developing and maintaining policies and employing family members and significant others.

President's Office proposed policy:

POL-U1000.10 Developing and Maintaining University Policies

The proposed policy is a revision of the current Developing and Maintaining University Policies policy and applies to all university employees. The President’s Cabinet will now serve the function that the Executive Policy Group served and the revisions reflect this change in the process.

Human Resources proposed policy:

POL-U5410.01 Employing Family Members and Significant Others

The proposed policy is a revision of the current Conflict of Interest Resulting from Family Relationship policy and applies to the hiring and subsequent personnel movement of classified employees, professional staff and executive officers including placements made through an employment agency.

The draft policies were reviewed by groups and individuals from throughout campus and then revised to reflect the reviewers' input. A 30-day comment period is required prior to the final draft review by the President's Cabinet. The policies will be posted from Oct. 1 to 30, and the campus community is encouraged to review these documents at Written comments may be sent to or to University Policy Coordinator, Mail Stop 9015.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - 3:26pm