Policy approved: 'Traveling Abroad for Educational Experiences'

Enclosed policy on Traveling Abroad for Educational Experiences has been approved and is effective as of January 25, 2023. Please see the “See Also” subsection at the bottom of the page via the link above for related procedures and forms. Below are the highlights of the policy:

  • Section #1 describes the role of faculty and staff who are advising students who intend to go abroad to direct students to this policy or to the Education Abroad office within the Institute for Global Engagement.
  • Section #3 describes the requirement for all students traveling abroad for university purposes to contact the Education Abroad office to maximize their safety and ensure compliance with the risk management process.
  • Section #4 provides information about US Government Travel Advisories.
  • Section #7 changed the notification for emergencies that occur during Travel Abroad Experiences from Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services to University Police.
  • Section #9 provides additional information about the requirement for health insurance coverage during travel abroad status to include British Columbia.
Tuesday, January 31, 2023