Parking transactions can be made in Old Main starting March 1

Western Today staff

Beginning March 1, students, faculty and staff can conduct parking transactions in the campus core at the Student Business Office in Old Main Room 110.

Parking customers are still encouraged to use Parking Services' secure online system at for quick and convenient purchases and payments, but when the need arises to do business face-to-face or by phone, the new point of contact will be the SBO.

Also beginning March 1, phone calls made to Parking for customer service will be answered by SBO staff.

Transactions requiring personal attention, such as disability permits, carpool permits and others, also will be handled in the SBO. Citation payments and appeals will continue to be processed online, and payments made through U.S. mail will be processed by the SBO.

The Parking Services website will contain the latest information on this transition. Visitors and guests will still obtain parking permits at Parking Services in the Campus Services Building.

Monday, February 29, 2016 - 11:38am

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